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1. Share Social Media

2. Qualifications for Referrals and Leads

3. Understanding how To Get Paid

4. The Secret to Sales

5. Understanding 150% Below Poverty Level

6. What Happens After You Apply?

7. How to complete an application

8. Emails and Communication for Customers

9. Understanding Our Preferred Health Insurance Carrier

10. Understanding Ambetters' Reward Program

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Week 1 – Passcode: a*+D=0*C

Week 2 – Passcode: =+W7CJn+ 

Week 3 – Passcode: HwVb3W#v

Week 4  – Passcode: X1Ed#^*4

Week 5 – Passcode: 3zHJ?.4g

Week 6 – Passcode: zetm3SD#


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